TG10 Collective Lists

It’s rare for our end-of-year content plan to run through February. It’s rarer still to see such an outpouring of support and to have the opportunity to publish so many people we respect, admire, and chat with on a regular basis. This collective list represents a journey that began as a project to collect lists from each of our writers and continued to snowball until it represented our staff and some of our favorite actors, directors, writers, festival programmers, and artists. We’re proud to present the entire outcome of our efforts in an easy-to-sort list for your perusal. And we’ll see you next year — we have something fun in store…

Staff Lists
Calvin Kemph
David Punch
Graham Austin
Jack Davenport
Jesse Sparks
Nick Vracar
Sean Murphy
Stephen Gillespie
Vaughn Swearingen

Guest Lists
Aaron White
Alison M.
Boise Esquerra
Charles Roxburgh
Eric M.
The Film Lads
Kyle Edward Ball
Matt Farley
Matt Oakes
Quinn Armstrong
Rick Castañeda
Samantha C.
Silas Lindenstein
Taylor Baker
Tony Stella
Trudie Graham
Vera Drew
Wesley Klingele

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