TG10 Guest List: The Film Lads

Welcome to TG10s. This year, echoing another publication, we are posting our top 10s, and taking votes from you. Keep reading The Twin Geeks for lists from our regular writers, as well as some extra special selection of lists from some amazing guests.

The Film Lads are Victor Dubyna, Nolan O’Kane, & Kirk Percival, the auteurs behind one of The Twin Geeks’ favorite films of 2022, The Lad Goodbye. Here are the ten films that most inspire their work.

The Long Goodbye

Elliot Gould’s Philip Marlowe is cinema’s coolest cat in a world of barking dogs. Altman’s twisty take on the noir genre is to die for. It understands the noir genre is thrilling but also kind of hilarious.

Hi, Mom!

A stoner comedy masterpiece without weed. DeNiro’s performance was a key inspiration for Lester Schmidt.

Under the Silver Lake

One of the most influential films on The Lad Goodbye. David Robert Mitchell creates a world that’s destined for audiences to fall down a rabbit hole with, for better or worse. We lads did, for better we hope.

The Trip

Corman doesn’t get enough credit for how fun and inventive this film is, and Nicholson’s script is hilarious and fun. The film consistently shocks us with beautiful imagery and creative techniques. It’s gotta be a candidate for one of the best breakup films ever made (Under the Silver Lake would also make that list).

Tree of Life

Is there anyone better at capturing characters who love each other in the beauty of the natural world than Terence Malick? Our “tree epiphany” sequence is our homage to him.

The Beach Bum

Exhibit A How to make a fun, gorgeous, stupid, genius movie. The zenith of the euphoric comedy.

The Big Lebowski

The Coen’s are masters in so many areas, but especially when supporting characters pop up for a scene and hook your attention immediately. This movie has so many amazing performances and characters. If we did one tenth as good as the Coen’s did here, then we consider ourselves successful.

Easy Rider

Easy Rider 🤝 The Lad Goodbye = Too much biking and baller soundtracks.


Probably the movie equivalent of seeing KISS live in concert on drugs. “Plus Tom Waits shows up and does Tom Waits things”- (KP).


Altman’s riff on the spinach loving sailor man, is a weird and wacky musical with an angry octopus and tone deaf tracks like “Everything is Food.” It holds the very special privilege of being the first film we watched together during the filming of The Lad Goodbye. We like to think it worked it’s way into our subconscious and helped define the tone of the film.

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