TG10: Vote for the Greatest Films of All Time!

We at the Twin Geeks are pretty excited by the whole Sight and Sound top 100 thing. It’s a strange thing, for sure, but a nifty way of gauging what movies people want other people to know that they like. We also like letting people know what movies we like. We like movies. So, during December, our editors will be posting top 10 lists. The brief is ‘Top 10 Films’ (of all time, mind). It has been interpreted in different ways (some went for themes, some went for a period in their life, some went for a specific reading of ‘best’ (like meaningful, for example)), as it should be, and we have some really interesting lists ready for you that we are excited to share.

Yes, it’s cool to just canonise some movies like you are some kind of grand movie arbiter. However, for the reader (or listener, we do love our podcasts) who finds their way on, it is also cool to know where our writers are coming from. We don’t believe in objective film criticism, it is a paradoxical phrase. We do believe in people understanding the context from which we write, and the want to use the taste of our writers as a barometer for their own. Think of it like legal standing in a courtroom, you want to know where we stand and where we are coming from, it also gives some stakes to our wider opinions (for you at least). Mostly, it’s just fun.

We would like you to join the fun, also.

So, this is the reader poll. Dear reader, please give your top 10 in the form linked to below so we can work out an aggregated The Twin Geeks community list, a document to have and to (digitally) hold until server death do us part.

The rules are as follows (and if you don’t follow them, your vote won’t really be counted as I am making the computer do the counting for me):

  1. Ten films only (what you think is a film is up to you) [the order you put the films in makes no difference, don’t worry about it].
  2. List the film titles as ALL CAPS (I don’t want disagreements about where capital letters go in titles) [include any and all punctuation that is in the title, using as a guide]. 
  3. Put the year of release in brackets after the full film name (if everybody defaults to using the year of release as defined by, there will be parity. Do that.
  4. I know this shouldn’t be the case, but because of different keyboards (and people forgetting about accents) please don’t include any accents in your typed out titles. This may be exclusionary, and I apologise, but it helps to ensure people are writing out the same film name every time.
  5. Not sure which title to go for in the case where a film goes by multiple titles (multiple languages, as an example)? Go for the title that defaults to.

So: 10 films, all caps, year of release in brackets after film title, no accents, default title.






SE7EN (1995)

Cast your votes HERE… and join the chat around this on The Twin Geeks Discord.

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