TG10 Guest List: Tony Stella

Welcome to TG10s. This year, echoing another publication, we are posting our top 10s, and taking votes from you. Keep reading The Twin Geeks for lists from our regular writers, as well as some extra special selection of lists from some amazing guests.

Tony Stella has designed some of our favorite posters and film art. A world class artist who takes the aesthetic joy of old movie posters and finds something new and essential in painting them.

these are just 10 of my favourite films which also happen to be 10 of the best films ever made:

“Seven Samurai” – 1954 Akira Kurosawa

THE best film ever made.

“Robin and Marian” – 1976 Richard Lester

Sean Connery and John Barry – an eternal childhood love that still makes me cry

“Il gaucho” – 1964 Dino Risi

Commedia all’italiana! Vittorio Gassman’s genius as a stand-in for 

all the others that should be mentioned here Sordi, Germi, Monicelli, Tognazzi… 

“Seppuku” – 1962 Masaki Kobayashi


“Cruel Story of the Shogunate’s Downfall” – 1964 Tai Kato

Tai Kato should be known to any cinéaste 

“Fighting Elegy” – 1966 Seijun Suzuki

My favourite Suzuki and the best of his great Toko Kon adaptations

“La Guerre des bouton” – 1962 Yves Robert

Another essential childhood building block

“Quest for Fire” – 1981 Jean-Jacques Annaud

Still utterly unique 

“Le deuxième souffle” – 1966 Jean-Pierre Melville


“Conan the Barbarian” – 1982 John Milius

Singular. The one that invented the genre and broke the mold

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