TG10 Guest List: Boise Esquerra’s Best of 2022

Welcome to TG10s. This year, echoing another publication, we are posting our top 10s, and taking votes from you. Keep reading The Twin Geeks for lists from our regular writers, as well as some extra special selection of lists from some amazing guests.

Boise Esquerra is an independent filmmaker who writes, directs, and edits his own work. Listen to our delightful interview with Boise about indigenous representation, recovery, and his short series from Slamdance 2021!

1. Glass Onion – an over the top setup, and an all-star cast, from a writer’s perspective, Rian Johnson does one hell of a job weaving many threads to throw you in many directions in what eventually becomes a captivating murder mystery. Impressed. Bravo.

2.     Top Gun Maverick – This was almost my #1. Tom Cruise, love him or hate him, still holds the goods when portraying Pete Mitchell Maverick. And the dog fight scenes… pure gold.

3.     Hellraiser 2022 – Hey, I know many people wouldn’t even think to have this pick nowhere on this list, (knock it, please do) but being a hardcore Hellraiser fan and seeing a glorious redemption in depicting our beloved cenobites… it just earns this spot. Also, Jamie Clayton knocks it out of the park as Pinhead. 

4.     Everything Everywhere All At Once – I imagine if I watched this again it would definitely jump a few spots up. Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan are phenomenal and deserve the wins at the 2023 award ceremonies. I just recently discovered the Daniel’s and their music video work. I could very well change my order of films listed soon. 

5.     The Banshees of Inisherin – this movie is a trip. A slow burn? Most definitely. But takes an interesting dark turn and a valid question about the social dynamics between people. Really good, funny, sad, and devilish. Another thing, I’ve never cared for Colin Ferrell’s acting… until now. And that says a lot. 

6. The Fablemans – I knew about Spielberg’s adolescent story going into the theater, but Michelle Williams… is an absolute show stealer. Her performance put me in tears! And the John Ford scene… so good.

7.     The Northman – Robert Eggers has an extreme talent for slow burn movies and creating beautiful imagery. I almost didn’t watch the entire thing, but halfway through I was hooked. A strong great story of vengeance. 

8.     Prey – Holy s**t . The scene with the bear? The first origin story of our alien big bad making its first trip to earth for game hunting?  Excellent reboot, or prequel, or sequel? Whatever, it was awesome.  

9.     Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness – okay okay… Yes the musical duel sucked, but I’ve mentally blocked that scene out of my head. You cannot deny Marvel’s first blood bath superhero scene. Wicked. 

10. Violent Night – Saw this on a whim one day. Bonkers. Just bonkers, hilarious, and so ridiculous I actually ate all of my popcorn.

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