TG10 Guest List: Silas Lindenstein (You’re Watching a Movie with Silas Lindenstein)

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Silas Lindenstein is the kind of person everyone wants to know. Silas is a comedian and hosts Black and a Half, which he’s dubbed ‘Seattle’s longest-running comedy podcast.’ Silas is a film critic and hosts another show called You’re Watching a Movie with Silas Lindenstein. And Silas is the ideal nerd-centric real estate agent and hosts yet another show called You’re Buying a House with Silas Lindenstein. All that and he was gracious enough to write us a list!

Let me be clear; I’m not saying these films are the best films. One is a masterpiece and one is an objectively bad film, but they are all thoroughly rewatchable. The kind of films you quote, the kind you stop changing the channel to watch. They are made for people who love movies.  

Also, these movies are in no particular order. I don’t even know why I numbered them. Should have been bullet-pointed. Feel free to read this list in any random order you want, but just make sure that you watch each one. 

1) 2012 – The disaster movie to end all disaster movies.  This is not a good film.  This film hits the threshold of being such a bad film, it becomes good.  Want to know how wonderfully awful this film is? John Cusak’s character drives a stretched limo through a collapsing building, WHILE IT IS MID-FALL, and breaks through the other side before it can crush his car.  Which means his limo is fast enough to do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

2) The Princess Bride – Want to see a film full of quotable lines? A film that gets richer and deeper each time you watch it? A rare film that is funnier each time you watch? As you wish! Not only does this film have the most perfect casting of any film, it is a rare film that works for any age group watching it. 

3) It’s A Wonderful Life – This isn’t just a Christmas movie. It’s one of the all-time greatest films. It has in it the single most wonderful scene in cinema history (the phone scene).  It is really a film that has stood the test of time, with only one misunderstood scene that gets debated on. It is so amazing in its simplicity, people watch this every year at Christmas not realizing they are gazing at a masterpiece of film. 

4) Star Wars – Do I mean the original film titled Star Wars? Do I mean Star Wars the Empire strikes back? Star Wars Return of the Jedi? All of them. They are all Star Wars. Are the prequels Star Wars? No, of course not, don’t be ridiculous. When I say Star Wars I mean the three original films that came out that I spent the better part of 30 years dissecting. Asking me to choose which Star Wars film is the most rewatchable and therefore my favorite is like asking me to choose a favorite child; of course I have one but I’m not telling anyone which one that is. 

5) A Few Good Men – this is one of those movies that if I come across it while flipping channels I have to stop and put down the remote and see where it is. If we are in the final courtroom scene where Colonel Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, is on the witness stand, there would have to be a fire  in the house to get me to stop watching the rest of the movie.  This film might be Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise’s best performances. That’s the truth. Don’t believe me? You can’t handle the truth!

6) Bugsy Malone (1976) a gangster musical comedy starring all kids who have machine guns that shoot gobs of whip cream.  The two kid stars of this film are a young Jodi Foster and Scott Baio. Long before Jodi was an Oscar Winner and while Scott Baio was still a tolerable person.

7) Good Will Hunting – Some of the most wonderfully written and performed scenes on film, along with one of the best improvised monologues ever from Robin Williams.  How you like them apples?

8) 1941 – Steven Spielberg’s self proclaimed most embarrassing film has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. Possibly his only slapstick comedy full of Hollywood comedy legends. Also includes a 7 minute swing dance number that inspired me to learn how to dance when I was older. I personally still think this film holds up as a hilarious slapstick film and I wish Spielberg would acknowledge this redheaded stepchild of a film.

9) Dead Poets Society – One of Robin Williams first well-known serious films, this made everyone look at him differently as an actor. It’s touching, inspiring, and there is something kind of magical about this film. This might be the film that got me to like different kinds of films. Carpe Diem. Seize this movie.

10) Glory – The tale of an All Black Regiment in the civil war. Watch Denzel Washington win an Oscar from a scene where he says nothing while he is being lashed as punishment. The group song before the soldiers go into their final battle is one of my favorite ensemble scenes in all of film.

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