I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: Aftersun

The spoils are back in town, and Stephen and Vaughn are ready after a holiday hiatus to spend another year talking about the latest releases. There’s plenty of ground to cover this week as we catch up on our stockpile of high profile films we’ve been eager to discuss. We chat about Steven Spielberg’s latest film, The Fabelmans, alongside his history of populist cinema, how his newest work compares to his other recent output, the film’s strongest and weakest moments, and more. We dive briefly into Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion and its clever structure and confident presentation. Then it’s Aftersun, Charlotte Wells’ stunning masterpiece debut and our favorite film of 2022. We dig through every detail and explore all of its atypical construction and thematic fascinations, an expansive discussion on its subtle brilliance and our own personal connections found in the film. We return to the mailbox to find a few inquiries and missives, with a lot to be discussed about the next year of the show, before we wrap up our return with our latest recommendations from our recent viewings.

Grab Bag Of Recent Releases (The Fabelmans, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery) | 3:40
Aftersun | 44:00
Listener Mail | 1:18:25
Recommendations | 2:01:15

Check out both Stephen and Vaughn’s top ten lists!

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