This Podcast is a Bad Idea: Summarizing Kingdom Hearts

The task of summarizing the plot of Kingdom Hearts, the inexplicable 20 year crossover between Disney animated films and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, has often been deemed an insurmountable one. Murph believes he can do it, while also maintaining that the series is not that complicated. Can he prove it by coherently explaining the plots of all 13 core entries to Froo? Or is he just seasoning his foot before he puts it into his mouth?

If you want to grant Murph a second keyblade, you can reach him at @MurphOhFour on Twitter

If you want to make Froo half-Xehanort, you can do it at @FrooisHere on Twitter.


0:40 – The Decompress: New Years Eve, Nicholas Holt’s Appeal

9:43 – Show & Tell: Wearing a Diaper to Times Square

17:53 – Topic of the Week: Murph Explains Kingdom Hearts

23:12 – Kingdom Hearts (2002)

31:42 Chain of Memories (2004)

39:05 Kingdom Hearts II (2005)

44:43 Birth By Sleep (2010)

55:03 358/2 Days (2009

58:23 Re:Coded (2010)

61:39 Dream Drop Distance (2012)

67:22 Unchained X (2013)

72:48 Final Chapter Prologue (2017)

73:23 Kingdom Hearts III (2019)

80:19 Union Cross (2015)

86:42 Melody of Memory (2020)

89:08 Dark Road (2020)

93:44 – Closing Thoughts: What Does Kingdom Hearts Mean?

If you want an even longer episode with further questions from Froo and what Murph dubs the “Versus/Verum Conspiracy,” please consider listening to the uncut version available on RedCircle (uncut content begins at 93:44).

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