TPIABI: The Backrooms

In this, our Bad Idea podiversary, Froo and Murph decide to do a redux of their first episode by looking at what’s new in internet horror. For this they have to learn how to noclip and acquire a taste for almond water as they delve into the turbulent fandom of The Backrooms. What began as just a series of disquieting pictures of liminal spaces morphed into something burdened by lore and children with no restraint.

This episode comes packed with two Wildcard segments looking at the fresh data from Science of Scare, as well as a history lesson on the Public Universal Friend.


1:15 – The Decompress: Murph acquired a new fear; Froo yells at clouds

11:41- Wildcard A: The Science of Scare 2023

21:22- Show & Tell: Gritty Military Scott Pilgrim Pitch/1-Star Reviews for Five Nights at Freddy’s

34:44- Wildcard B: Strange Wikipedia: The Public Universal Friend

41:41 – Topic of the Week: The Backrooms

42:40 – Liminal Spaces on the Internet

49:20 – Liminal Horror & Kane Pixels Found Footage

1:01:55 – The Fandom Splinters/Decline in Quality

1:24:53 – Closing Thoughts

1:32:44- Plugs and Farewell

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