This Podcast is a Bad Idea: The Old Guard of Creepypasta

The internet is a vast undiscovered country. Froo and Murph are eager to explore it, but they can’t shake the feeling that they are unprepared, and that no one asked them to. In short: This Podcast is a Bad Idea.

In this new show from the Twin Geeks we dive into the strange and diverse world of fandom, internet lore, and niche interests, to map the scope of human existence in the digital age.

In this pilot episode Froo and Murph gather on Mischief Night to explore some of the earliest and most famous Creepypasta, the old guard of internet horror. How have phenomena like Slenderman and Sonic.EXE survived and mutated ten years on from their creation? How do mainstream adaptations of these works compare to their originals? And when and where did Jeff the Killer become sexy?

None of these questions are a good idea to explore, which is precisely why we’re asking them. Because, This Podcast is a Bad Idea.

TRIGGER WARNING: This Episode deals in topics of suicide, graphic violence (usually against minors), and general internet smuttery


2:55 – The Decompress: Nightmare Before Christmas, Mountain Monsters, Gravity Falls, Blind Alley

20:16 – Show & Tell: The Midnight Man and Anne Hathaway Text Adventure

31:40: Ripped From the Headlines: The Scariest Movie (Scientifically Proven)

40:35 – Topic of the Week: The Old Guard of Creepypasta

45:09 – Squidward’s Suicide

57:12 – Candle Cove

71:50 – Sonic.EXE

90:39 – Jeff the Killer

104:45 – Slenderman

143:26 – Final Thoughts

151:46 – Plugs and Farewells

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