I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: Master Gardener

We here at The Twin Geeks know this is heartbreaking news for our most dedicated fans, but the Thin Lizzy podcast has been cancelled. Stephen and Vaughn are now back to talking about recent releases, and are contractually obligated to stay on topic at all times. The consequences will be dire if there are any points at which they write and recite lengthy parodies of LL Cool J music, continually restart their recordings, or recommend movies they don’t like very much. On this episode, where the fate of the podcast hangs in the balance, the guys talk Tyler Rake 2, and discuss the merits of fake oners, ripping off Uncharted 2, and ripping off a guy’s hand. They also talk Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Stephen’s most anticipated film of the year. How are the Transformers doing? Will Bumblebee ever die? Is that Pete Davidson? Then, they get back in the driver’s seat (both of them) to gear up once again for Gran Turismo, and share all of the latest updates on Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming high octane masterpiece. Finally, it’s Facebook influencer Paul Schrader’s latest, Master Gardener, as well as Schrader’s wider catalogue as both writer and director. Find out what the guys think, get a new batch of recommendations, and send your thoughts, questions, and comments in to be discussed next time. Tune in next time to see if the show still exists.

Grab Bag of Recent Releases (Extraction 2, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts) | 3:00
Gear Up For Gran Turismo | 49:00
Paul Schrader & Master Gardener | 54:00
Recommendations | 1:24:00

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