TPIABI: The 47 Rules of the Internet

Believe it or not, there was a time when folks thought we had this whole Internet thing figured out and they wrote down a meme-filled creed to commemorate that fact. Little, save for a rule about pornography, has survived to the modern landscape.

Froo and Murph go down this dusty list of rules to talk about what has and hasn’t changed about the internet in the more than a decade since it’s creation on 4chan. Along the way we’ll talk about 16th Century comedies about giants, the death of Reddit, and shipping live-action characters with animated ones.

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01:50 – The Decompress: Murph is reading the works of Rabelais and Kazue Koike; Froo went to a Twice concert; The Death of Reddit (supposedly)

26:45- Show & Tell: Greg Sestro’s Alien Movie; Live-Action/Animated Character Ship MEP

40:50- Wildcard: Arbitration of Morals

49:42 – Topic of the Week: The 47 Rules of the Internet

2:02:45- Plugs and Farewell

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