I’m Thinking Of Spoiling Things: Kimi

This week on the show it’s the latest release from iconic director Steven Soderbergh, Kimi. Stephen and Vaughn explore and discuss their experiences with Soderbergh’s vast catalog, from his origins as a director of subdued sexual character studies to his breakout blockbuster hits and Oscar sweeping dramas, and all the perfectly crafted genre exploration in between. After an expansive dive through his oeuvre, it’s Kimi, another addition to his collection of hyperspecific genre pieces, this time focused on the onset of an overbearing surveillance state within a world ravaged by COVID. How well does it achieve its aim, and can it successfully integrate two dissonant halves, blending them into a cogent singular piece? Are the Seattle-tinted glasses strong enough for Vaughn to not care either way? Join us and find out.

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