I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: Magic Mike’s Last Dance

The guys return this week for a full episode of spoils, racing, dancing, recommending, and going to Paris, as releases slowly start to gain momentum in 2023. As the grab bag returns to the show after a vacation to the Mediterranean, we talk the latest from the ever divisive M. Night Shyamalan, Knock at the Cabin, along with Brandon Cronenberg’s acid trip tropical nightmare Infinity Pool. Hit the nitrous for another week of gearing up for Gran Turismo, where the saga of Stephen getting his hands on a copy of GT5 persists and we learn more about every aspect of this year’s most hotly anticipated film. Hit the dance floor for this episode’s central film Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the third in the Magic Mike trilogy and seeing director Steven Soderbergh returning to the franchise and to the podcast as we discuss his latest retirement adventure. Then it’s time to check in with the listeners as we answer more of your mail and all of your questions before we pull a gem from our recent watches for our recommendation this episode. It might be our last dance but it’s not our last episode, join us this week on the show!

Grab Bag of Recent Releases (Knock at the Cabin, Infinity Pool) | 1:00
Gear Up For Gran Turismo | 33:15
Magic Mike’s Last Dance | 41:00
Listener Mail | 1:10:35
Recommendations | 1:30:00

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