The Twin Geeks Music Show: Big Pun – Capital Punishment

Larger than life, Big Pun was the Puerto Rican king of rap. He still holds the crown (it’s been around forever / and never let it touch the ground). Still the king, still not a player, still a heightened example of fast-flowing rap lyricism written with a profoundly funny pen and immense hunger unmatched to this day. Big Pun got his start with Fat Joe’s Terror Squad and remains the all-time signature member of that group. What a great exhibition Capital Punishment remains of everything that makes Pun tick, from the exuberant wordplay to the sneaking suggestion of Spanish-influenced sounds. It’s an album that stands alone, an artifact of the hyper-cool ’90s and the man who embodied an alternative future for hip-hop: bold, sexy, and funny as hell. Our Pobreakers pay tribute to the legendary Big Pun and his masterful first album.

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