Daydreamcast Ep. 32: Dino Crisis (1999)

We seem to have a crisis of dinosaurs! Journey with us as we basically talk about three things: Elden Ring, dinosaur games, and Dino Crisis. Elden Ring takes about half the podcast and if you still stuck around for the rest of the cast, thank you. You’re very loyal and we love you. Dino Crisis is an action oriented dinosaur version of Resident Evil, also directed by Shinji Mikami. In this cast we explore its strengths and weaknesses and compare and contrast to that beloved franchise. What’s better: survival horror, or panic horror? Let’s find out.

Whatcha Playin’

Elden Ring (0:00)

Variety Minute (Retbrospective)

Dinosaur Titles (36:30)

Game of the Week

Dino Crisis (51:00)

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