Throw Down: Point Break (1991)

It’s like acid in your mouth – the exhilarating adrenaline rush of Kathryn Bigelow’s sweeping 90s action buddy cop heist epic Point Break. Starring bleach blonde Patrick Swayze as effervescent, breezy adrenaline junkie and anti-establishment criminal surfer alongside Keanu Reeves as former football star turned cop determined to prove himself, Point Break sets the stage for a decade of vibrant, explosive action. Returning from a brief break due to sickness, Jack and Vaughn are back to discuss the sprawling career of Keanu Reeves, a film flooded with battles against structure, the litany of breathtaking stunt sequences, and the romantically charged relationship between Johnny and Bodhi.

We’ll be back next week to chat about Micah Moore’s viral action sensation Mario Warfare (2015) – but until then, for more words, thoughts, and action adoration, find us all around the internet.

Vaughn on The Twin Geeks, Letterboxd, Twitter, and Bluesky.

Jack on The Twin Geeks, Letterboxd, Twitter, and Bluesky.

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