Throw Down: Mechanical Violator Hakaider (1995)

One part Terminator, one part Robocop, and one part Judge Dredd, melted down into a dreamy tokusatsu haze flooded with stunning imagery, all out production design, and brilliant practical effects. Keita Amemiya’s Mechcanical Violator Hakaider is a wild, violent genre flip, taking the expected genre trappings of Japan’s colorful hyperpop tokusatsu craze and inverting it into a grungy cyberpunk nightmare covered in blood and guts. Hosts Vaughn and Jack return to enter a whole new corner of action on film, breaking down the densely packed 50 minutes of Hakaider along with the dozens of films and genre ideas it exists in conversation with.

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Vaughn on The Twin Geeks, Letterboxd, Twitter, and Bluesky.

Jack on The Twin Geeks, Letterboxd, Twitter, and Bluesky.

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