TPIABI: Video Game High School

In this overdue, overlong episode Froo and Murph warp back to the year 2012 to reappraise the RocketJump series Video Game High School. The premier project of Guitar Hero savant Freddie Wong, VGHS was one of the first big-budget series crowdfunded for a YouTube audience. Froo has fond memories and emotions about the show’s rise in quality, and Murph just feels too old for this.

Also on the academic schedule is a guessing game of who Alan Moore considers the Antichrist, AO3 Discord drama, and O’Reilly Auto Parts “Jingle Alpha.”


02:51 – The Decompress: Murph read all of Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; Froo’s AO3 Discord Receipts; Tiny House Hunters with a Family of Six

36:36- Show & Tell: O’Reilly Auto Parts Alpha Werewolf/Fan made Family Guy Episode

46:25 – Topic of the Week: Video Game High School

48:09 – The Rise of Freddie Wong

59:51 – Initial Thoughts & Series Overview

1:28:03 – Season 3 and the Finale

1:54:32 – The Commercialization of YouTube

2:10:02- Plugs and Farewell

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