I’m Thinking of Spoiling THINGS (1989)

They’ve spoiled. Bond, Dune, the MCU, Zeros and Ones, Barbenheimer, The Academy Awards. They’ve rehearsed. Impersonated. They’ve had guests, recorded in moving vehicles, answered listener mail. They’ve agreed, they’ve disagreed, they’ve bickered, they’ve laughed. They’ve geared up for Gran Turismo. They’ve ranked countless films with arbitrary criteria. Now, after two years, the first season of I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things has drawn to a close. The only sensible thing to do? Finally do what they’ve been trying to do since episode one. Spoil Things. This week, on the extended edition season finale of the show, join Stephen and Vaughn as they spoil 1989’s microbudget SOV classic Things, a film so wildly incoherent that one host watched it twice and the other has very little idea what happened at all. Following an in depth breakdown of the madness of Things, the guys answer a barrage of inquisitions from the audience in our most expansive listener mail adventure yet.

Most of all, thank you all for listening over the past two years of the show. The endless support and positive feedback that has come through has been truly incredible. What started as a way to share in a collective disappointment in the latest Bond movie turned into a bi-weekly adventure that has always been a delight to put together. Rest assured this hiatus is not permanent, and the Spoilers will return whenever possible to bring more coverage of the latest releases (and maybe, sometimes, films from 34 years ago), so stay subscribed to catch whenever we get a chance to put something new together. Until then, follow both of your hosts at the links below, and we’ll see you around.

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