I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: The Second Anniversary Special

It’s the beginning of the end of the road here on the show. After saving the podcast landscape with seconds to spare, conquering the peak of human cinematic achievement, and gearing down from a notably unromantic journey from gamer to racer, things are winding down on the first season of the show. Before the guys commit to their final sign-off before the break on a very special episode 50, they’ve come together to rank their second year of coverage on the show. Just like the first ranking, they have collected every film discussed from the Horror Spooktacular following the first anniversary all the way until our journey with Gran Turismo, and now it’s time to put them all in the most objective, concrete order possible, all by the firm laws of Spoiling Things lore. So sit back and listen in, it’s another wonderful journey through another year of podcasts.

Please send in your comments, questions, opinions, or any thought tumbling through your head – we would love to hear from you on Episode 50 of the show, the finale of the first season of Spoiling Things. Send us a message at thinkingofspoiling@gmail.com, and we’ll see you next time for a thrilling show full of surprises, your listener mail, and more!

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