I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: Barbenheimer

For thousands and thousands of years, human civilization has been building, advancing, slowly creating the foundation of the ultimate culmination of our existence. Now, it is finally upon us. Barbenheimer. The ultimate double bill. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, releasing simultaneously to become the peak of cinematic experience. Swaths of rabid fans dressed head to toe in pink causing stampedes at local multiplexes; filmbros traveling thousands of miles and standing in line for days to experience 70mm IMAX like Christopher Nolan, father of cinema, intended them to. Theaters are back and the fervor is so intense it’s like they never existed until now, but here we have gathered, where heartbreak feels good. And now, like true pioneers breaking ground on ideas nobody has even imagined, visualizing the imperceptible motions of atoms in the atmosphere, Steven and Vaughn have gathered to record a podcast about movies. They will talk about Barbie. They will talk about Oppenheimer. They will break down the respective filmmakers’ careers and provide, a range of cold, tepid, and maybe even hot takes about their thoughts on various films. They will respond to questions sent in from around the globe from their many billions of listeners. They will recommend films from their recent watches. They might even have a cold open. And it will change the course of podcasting forever. Prepare yourself, and listen to this week’s episode.

Barbie | 3:35
Oppenheimer | 32:30
Listener Mail | 1:19:40
Recommendations | 1:31:50

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