I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: The Little Mermaid

Welcome to Dino’s Bar and Grill, where Stephen and Vaughn have finally made it to the same recording slot to join forces and talk about cinema, diving into whatever releases they’ve both managed to get their eyes on. It’s been a while, so the guys spend an extended intro kicking back and catching up, covering all kinds of important updates such as the lyrics to Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town,” issuing a wise warning to prevent a very niche subset of listeners from putting themselves in the position of playing Unicron The Planet Eater, reveal the one hidden trick that actors DON’T want you to know, and so much more. Then, they jump into two new films steeped in the corporate dilution of cinematic energy, from the executive worship of Flamin’ Hot to the soulless, unaffected uncanny valley of The Little Mermaid. Is this letting on too much about how they feel about these films? Does anyone read these? Send in an email if you read these. thinkingofspoiling@gmail.com. Anyway, after the films, the guys read more listener mail, from predictions about future remakes to a descent into madness as they create a tier list of every Cheeto product. The boys are back in town.

Flamin’ Hot | 9:20
The Little Mermaid | 27:20
Listener Mail | 59:00
Recommendations | 1:43:00

Check out the incoherent Cheetos Tier List here.

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