I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: Evil Dead Rise

Join us… as we return for another episode packed with spoils, surprises, and so much more! It’s another horror triple feature this week as we dive into a Dracula spinoff, the latest in the long running genre of exorcism cinema, and the return of everyone’s favorite campy demon gorefest. We also take our first look at the brand new Gran Turismo trailer for a live reaction, Stephen offers another option to punch up the film, we discuss the current state of DTV cinema, and we dig through our diaries to find another round of fresh recommendations to offer.

Grab Bag of Recent Releases (Renfield, The Pope’s Exorcist) | 2:30
Gear Up For Gran Turismo | 33:50
Evil Dead Rise | 48:40
Listener Mail | 1:08:45
Recommendations | 1:15:20

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