I’m Thinking Of Spoiling Things: How To Blow Up A Pipeline

Set the charge and light the fuse, this week the guys find themselves on an explosive odyssey through a towering pile of new films to discuss, from Ari Aster’s anxiety fever nightmare Beau Is Afraid to bubblegum indie romance Rye Lane, leading into Daniel Goldhaber’s razor sharp thriller How To Blow Up A Pipeline. We contemplate dissecting Renfield minute by minute, discuss Vaughn’s five day binge of trips to the theater to check out as many new releases as possible (these films may be covered again in the future), pitch a concept for James Cameron’s Gran Turismos, dig into the spellbinding tension of How To Blow Up A Pipeline, respond to both fascinating and thought-provoking listener mail, and as always, offer a new round of recommendations plucked from our favorite recent watches.

Grab Bag of Recent Releases (Beau Is Afraid, Polite Society, Evil Dead Rise, Sisu, Tetris, Rye Lane) | 2:35
Gear Up For Gran Turismo | 37:45
How To Blow Up A Pipeline | 44:30
Listener Mail | 1:07:30
Recommendations | 1:21:00

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