Daydreamcast Dead Space (2008)

Murph returns just as it’s terror time again. Our hosts trade out the Satellite of Dreams for the USG Ishimura to talk about the original Dead Space from 2008. The game mixed horror both psychological and physical and paired it with unique tactical combat that lead it to being one of the landmark games of the 7th Generation of Consoles. Yet Bro and Murph can’t help but wonder how well it holds up today.

In Watcha Playin’, Bro will talk about his first PAX East experience and Murph will speak about remakes of the Resident Evil and Yakuza variety, which just so happens tie back to our game of the week.

Time stamps:

0:00 Murph’s Back!

1:30 Bro’s PAX East Indies

25:10 Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

36:34 The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog (2023)

39:30 Yakuza Kiwami (2016)

Variety Minute

48:48 Iconic Weapons in Games

Game of the Week

01:04:23 Dead Space (2008)

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