The MOTHER Trilogy

Can you read our minds? Bro and David tackle the entire MOTHER trilogy, but this episode only covers MOTHER 1 and MOTHER 2. Before that though, we tackle games David has played: Blanc and Fire Emblem: Engage. We then look at the legacy of Earthbound’s subversive nature onto newer titles in the variety minute. Then, we finally tackle both games.

Oh, and Bro teases a PAX trip that already happened cause this episode came late. Oh well.

Whatcha Playin’

3:00 Fire Emblem Engage (2023)

15:00 Blanc (2023)

Variety Minute

27:00 Games influenced by the MOTHER series

Games of the Week

36:00 MOTHER 1 (1989)

1:24:55 MOTHER 2 (1995)

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This is an additional THREE HOURS to cover the final game in Shigesato Itoi’s MOTHER trilogy. That’s right, we have 3 hours of discussion dedicated to MOTHER 3 and Lucas and Boney and the gang. No real time stamps but a huge disclaimer.

In general there is a lot of sensitive material in this game. MOTHER 3 is a complex title written by an auteur in a specific time period. There are spoilers, there are violent things that happen and death surrounds the game.

At roughly the 51 minute mark we will go into the subject of a particular race within the game. It’s a controversial subject, there’s a disclaimer within the episode, but we call them by their name within the game then discuss their portrayal for better and worse. Trigger warnings are possible for the Romani peoples or any of our trans or lgbtq fans. We love and support anyone’s gender identity and do not support harmful stereotypes.

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