Critical Consideration: Textual Construction & Sonic Atmosphere

What lays the building blocks to great cinema and what elevates it to the best of the best? This week on Critical Consideration, hosts and critics Calvin and Vaughn tackle two more awards categories and the films within them that are standing out this year. After revisiting some recent watches from the past week of FYC films, it’s time to dive in to a lengthy discussion on how to separate screenplay from the rest of the finished product. What exemplifies screenplay, and how do you disconnect the text from the visuals to define the strongest screenplays of the year? There’s a lot to discuss this week for with this season’s outpouring of prestige, finely crafted cinema with sharp scripts, but there’s just as much to discuss in the realm of sound. As huge fans of the musical language of film, we discuss some of our favorite film scores before diving into all this year has to offer in the realm of great scores, great soundtracks, and perfectly executed needle drops. All that and more this week on the show, tune in to find out what’s stacking up for Best Screenplay and Best Score.

Disclaimer: thoughts and opinions on this show reflect only those of the hosts and are not representative of the Seattle Film Critics Society at large.

New Watches | 2:00
Best Screenplay | 20:10
Best Score | 49:30

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