This Podcast is a Bad Idea: The Cultural Footprint of James Cameron’s Avatar

Scholars have long asked: Who is asking for sequels to 2009’s Avatar?

Yes, it is the highest-grossing film of all time (snatching the crown back from Avengers:Endgame following it’s 2022 re-release), but it’s a film that has never seemed to have stuck in the popular zeitgeist beyond the fact it pulled in an absurd amount of cash.

Realistically, statistically, shouldn’t the highest grossing film of all time have fans?

So for this month’s bad idea Murph and Froo dive into the Avatar fandom, learning what superfans have taken away from the film and how they sustained themselves during the 13 year dry spell leading up to Avatar 2: Way of the Water. It’s an episode about creative vision, ayahuasca visions, and 9/11.

Murph would like to apologize in advance for his dog audibly screaming at squirrels in the background.

You can likewise scream at Murph on his twitter @MurphOhFour, and you can say nice things to Froo @FrooisHere.


4:28 – The Decompress: The Macy’s Parade Fanwiki; Quinton Review’s iCarly Saga; Stray Kids/FNAF Intersection; Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

33:58 – Show & Tell: Krystal the Fox in Half-Life 2 and The Seinfeld 9/11 Spec Script

54:23 – Topic of the Week: The Cultural Footprint of James Cameron’s Avatar

54:43 – Introduction

55:53 – James Cameron’s Dream

60:01 – The Murph and Froo Reappraisal

79:22 – The Avatar Fanbase on the Internet

108:50 – Closing Thoughts

120:41 – Plugs and Farewells

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