Critical Consideration: Aesthetics & Genre Fare

This week on Critical Consideration, hosts Calvin and Vaughn cover three more awards season categories, this time rounding out some more technical considerations alongside the visual presentation of film and how genre cinema has been represented in 2022. Starting off with recapping our last week of watches, it’s catching up on what each of us have been able to explore and visit in between shows, our thoughts on each of the films, and how those films might fit into categories we’ve discussed so far. Then, it’s a holistic discussion of how a film’s visual language and process comes together to create something aesthetically pleasing or visually evocative, and what are some of our favorite examples of everyone involved with a film “making the same movie,” as Sidney Lumet says. Our category discussions this week focus on Best Film Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Action Choreography, along with some discussion of other genre favorites from this year that might not quite fit neatly into any other category. Join us this week on the show as we talk through some more of this year’s most notable films, and we’ll be back throughout the rest of November and December as we continue talking through every notable category of awards season.

Disclaimer: thoughts and opinions on this show reflect only those of the hosts and are not representative of the Seattle Film Critics Society at large.

New Watches & Visual Construction | 1:00
Best Film Editing | 36:00
Best Cinematography | 52:20
Best Action Choreography | 1:09:50
Other Genre Favorites & Next Week On The Show | 1:17:40

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