I’m Thinking of Spoiling Things: Horror Spooktacular

After a brief break to celebrate our anniversary, it’s once again time to spoil some of the latest movies, this week diving in to some of this season’s horror releases. First, it’s Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2: how does this latest horror sensation stack up to its slasher inspirations, what does it do with its formula of violence established in its predecessor, and how does aspiring icon Art the Clown function as an antagonist? Next up is Ti West’s Pearl: a hypersaturated establishment of early cinematic perversion alongside a fascinating character study, we explore the potential offered by this unique experiment of constructing a new horror universe. Finally, it’s David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends, and to wrap up this beloved slasher franchise we explore its many entries through the years before placing our definitive stamps on this final installment – can it swing wildly at enough to be a modern schlocksterpiece or is it a fitting failure to cap off a franchise full of mediocrity? Find out about all of these (along with two fresh recommendations from a month of gory watches) on this belated spooky episode!

Terrifier 2 | 4:15
Pearl | 23:00
Halloween Ends | 36:30
Recommendations | 1:15:00

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