The Twin Geeks 105: Stop Making Sense & Ranking Talking Heads’ Albums

Often called the greatest concert film of all time, Jonathan Demme’s landmark film captures the legendary artistry  from pioneer New Wave rock group Talking Heads. More than just a document of the band’s greatest hits in an astounding live performance, Stop Making Sense is a living work of expression all on its own, breaking down the barrier between audience and performer by stitching together a variety of visual perspectives filmed over the course of three different performances. Demme takes us from the immersive seats of the audience onto the stage itself, interacting with the band and pulling the curtain back on the operations behind the scenes as well. Demme’s keen direction works in tandem with the band’s vision for a truly riveting live performance. His framing and presentation of each number gives credence to the artistic direction of the show, emphasizing the veiled narrative linking each number to the next and highlighting the major set pieces of each segment. Above all, though, the sheer musical bravura of Talking Heads shines brightest, capturing the band’s manic energy and unique sound at the apex of their careers. Stop Making Sense is, if nothing else, a testimony to the once-in-a-lifetime artistic brilliance of the band named Talking Heads.

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