The Twin Geeks 50: John Carpenter’s Halloween

Last year, we kicked off The Twin Geeks with a review of last year’s reboot of the Halloween franchise from David Gordon Green, also titled Halloween (2018). To celebrate our 50th installment, as well as giving the Halloween season a proper send-off, we’re dedicating this last October podcast to the original slasher classic that has come to define the spooky season best, as well as the horror genre at large. To help us this week we’ve enlisted to help of Twin Geeks writer Jesse Sparks, who fancies himself an expert on the series, having chronicled all 12 entries thus far in a massive Halloween Retrospective in celebration of the original film’s 40 year anniversary. The film is a hallowed classic here at The Twin Geeks, at it wouldn’t quite feel like the titular holiday if we didn’t sit down for an annual viewing. What better way could there be to celebrate this podcast milestone than revisiting this autumnal favorite, and one of the greatest horror films ever created.

0:00 – 5:08: 50 Pods: The Night Jesse Came Home
5:08 – 11:48: Netflix phones it in with Wounds & The Laundromat
11:48 – 18:52: Watching Watchmen, Looking for Alaska
18:52 – 24:29: Parasite & Kentucky vs Coastal Elites
24:29 – 34:05: Box Office: Box Office Mojo’s Demise
34:05 – 1:15:40: Halloween (1978)

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