The Twin Geeks 1: David Gordon Green’s Halloween

Welcome to the first episode of The Twin Geeks. Our seasoned site editors Calvin Kemph and David Punch will serve as the knowledgeable hosts of this movie podcast, which will dive into both current and classic films each week, as well as a rundown of the weekly hits at the box office. For our first installment, we’re looking at the latest revival of the Halloween franchise, with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s new take that brings original director John Carpenter back into the mix for a rousing return with Halloween (2018). It’s the first exciting reboot of a franchise we’ve seen in a long time, but can it live up to the legacy of the original film? Or at the least make up for the series’ many mediocre sequels? We certainly hope so, and will discuss whether or not it does on this, our first podcast episode, and a timely Halloween treat.

0:00 The Old Man & the Gun, A Star is Born
11:57: Halloween (2018)
1:10:25: Horror watch

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