The Twin Geeks 15: The Great Silence

The blankets of snow brought upon by the chilling February freeze have left us here in the Pacific Northwest mostly trapped within our homes. To keep warm we gather around the warm glow of our televisions and screen our favorite winter Western, Sergio Corbucci’s The Great Silence. Yet again we return to our hosts’ favorite genre, this time with a side of meatballs as we move on from the classic morality of American Westerns like Shane (1953) and into the morally complex and politically driven Westerns from Italy. Corbucci’s icy masterpiece was made during a time of political upheaval in America, and so the violence portrayed in The Great Silence not only serves as amazing spectacle and artistic beauty, but also as a strict reflection of concurrent American politics; just as all the greats are. Bundle up tight this week as we look at a particularly cold and brutal Western that’s as legendary as it is gorgeous to behold.

Time Stamps:
Box Office: 0:00-15:33
Streaming: 15:33-20:48
The Great Silence: 20:48-1:01:00

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