The Twin Geeks 11: Shane (1953)

This week on The Twin Geekscast we travel back to the roots of America to dive into George Stevens’ great Western classic, Shane. This foundational film within the Western genre is a favorite around here, making an earlier appearance on our list of The Ten Greatest Westerns and the Order in Which to Watch Them. Shane is story of a weary gunfighter looking to lay down his arms forever, but is forcibly pulled back into the fray by the terrorizing menace of the Ryker clan attempting to push our the homesteaders in this gorgeous Wyoming valley. Van Heflin, Jean Arthur, and Jack Palance bring life to the characters of this tumultuous Western masterpiece, but Alan Ladd truly steals the show as the titular cowboy trying to outrun his past. Listen to us attempt to hold back our tears as we discuss the greatness of Shane on this week’s podcast.

Time Stamps:

Box Office: 00:00 – 19:05

Shane: 19:05 – 1:01:03

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