North Bend Film Festival 2018: Dispatch from the Festival Scene

Diane, you wouldn’t believe what I’m seeing out here.

This weekend marks the inaugural North Bend Film Festival. We’ll be embedded in a charming little theater most of the weekend, reporting back to you about some of the most exciting things happening in indie cinema right now. We’ve got a slew of great content already prepared and can’t wait to show you a selection of what we’ve been excited about for the last couple weeks.

To set the scene, North Bend, Washington is tucked just to the northeast of the Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area. It’s a short thirty-five minutes to the east of Seattle. North Bend itself is infused with Northwest spirit. It’s a charming, quiet little town right off the highway that was used prominently as a shooting location for Twin Peaks. Near the theater is Twede’s Café, the charming diner featured in David Lynch’s love letter to this area. We’ll be sipping damn fine cups of coffee and digging into some of that world-renowned cherry pie between showings.

Twede’s Café, world famous Twin Peaks location and home of a damn fine cup of coffee and excellent cherry pie.

The festival’s lineup promises plenty of premiers, both regionally and for the world. Here’s a peek at what you can expect here on The Twin Geeks for the weekend and into next week:

  • Some of the finest talent on display comes in the form of short films. There are three short film blocks this weekend: Something Strange, Cinema Vista, and Extra-ordinary, featuring some of the best representations of modern short form cinema on offer. A couple of these bring the biggest surprises of the festival, so be sure to check them out.
  • There are premiers aplenty also. We’ll have a world premier article on Model Home as it shows at the festival as well as a wide range of Northwest premiers for films that have been making the festival circuit. This includes indie films with festival buzz, such as Piercing and Shirkers.
  • We’ll also be re-exploring one of the pioneering pieces of Northwest filmmaking with Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho.
The gorgeous Snoqualmie Falls, just outside North Bend.

We’ll be investigating everything from virtual reality filmmaking to classics of the area and hope you’ll join us for what’s promising to be an excellent time at the movies.

Be sure to check back regularly, as our schedule includes reviews going up as their embargoes are lifted.

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