Daydreamcast Special: PAX West 2023 (With Friends)

Murph returns from the lands to the north (Seattle) with tales of a wondrous gallery of games and developers (PAX West 2023). There he ran into some other like-minded friends. Brendan from The Crawl and Tucker & Abram from the Backlog Banter. Together, these four gamers with opinions share tales from the show floor and impressions on the various demos they were exposed to.

(If you want additional PAX coverage from Murph, you can read his article here)

Time Stamps:

00:37 Introductions

5:00 The PAX Experience

14:45 Games of the Show

15:00 Mario Wonder

23:30 Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore

30:27 Animal Well

34:19 General Demo Discussions

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