Game Dev Story: Ron Gilbert, The Secret of Monkey Island

Ron Gilbert designed some of the most enduring adventure games, Maniac Mansion (1987) and The Secret of Monkey Island (1990), and is rightly heralded as one of our great genre pioneers. Gilbert’s career, now stretching over several decades, offers many inflection points, and thoughtful swerves with and against the tides of the market. In this edition of Game Dev Story, we delve into Gilbert’s full career, spanning from his time at LucasArts, to the foundation of the top-tier children’s computer game studio Humungeous Entertainment, to crowd-funding his own games. It’s a swashbuckling good time as we plunder the full career of such a notable game designer. There’s something for everyone here, whether you may be a long-time fan or a game designer yourself, so let’s sit back and enjoy Ron Gilbert’s Game Dev Story.

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