No More Heroes: The Coolest, Ugliest, Lamest Side of the Capitalist Grind

The time has come, and so have we. In one of the tightest episodes, we hit a platonic ideal of an episode at almost a flat hour. Murph and Bro tackle some indie sleepers and hits, and then tackle the Wii classic No More Heroes. Will we fall in love with the game or be frustrated? Is it possible to be both?

Time stamps:

Whatcha Playin’

1:30 Dreamwild (2022)

5:00 Raji: An Ancient Epic (2020)

8:30 Inscryption (2021)

13:00 Re:CALL (2023)

19:00 Street Fighter 6 (2023)

Variety Minute

26:20 Jerk Protagonists in Gaming

Game of the Week

42:00 No More Heroes (2008)

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