This Podcast is a Bad Idea: Disney’s Canon Illuminati

KUNGALOOSH Dear Listener,

In this episode Murph and Froo don their booney hats to travel the breadth of Disney Parks to piece together the network of easter eggs and breadcrumbs that make up the S.E.A, the Society of Explorer’s and Adventurers. This secret club hides in plain site of most Disney Park rides, connecting them through an ongoing story line of archeology and exceptionally literal last names.

Who are the S.E.A, how long have they been A Thing™, and where are they going?

Also on the explorer’s checklist: A Kilkenny St. Patrick’s Day can make you feel old, Jackass Movies can pull you out of a depressive slump, and a mammary-based beatdown can ruin your dinner.

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00:30 – The Decompress: Murph went to Ireland; Froo started Ace Attorney; Murph watched every Jackass movie; Froo talks about a K-Pop faux pas

26:07- Show & Tell: An r/Relationships story of weaponized breasts; Perusing the Tumblr merch store

38:28 – Topic of the Week: Disney S.E.A

1:36:22 – Plugs and Farewells

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