Telling Lies: Sam Barlow’s FMV Ambitions Dissected

Tucker from the Backlog Banter joins Bro in discussing a bunch of different games! We talk Super Mario Galaxy 2, the Resident Evil series, and Pizza Tower. Then we discuss the role of acting in video games and iconic performances, then we discuss the game of the week. Telling Lies is another FMV game by Sam Barlow, examining the lies of David and the women in his life whom suffer because of them.


0:00 Tucker’s introduction

Whatcha Playin’

10:45 Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

15:00 Last of Us Parts I and II (2022) (2020)

24:00 Resident Evil franchise discussion (again, for the billionth time)

42:30 Pizza Tower (2023)

Variety Minute

45:10 Acting Performances in Gaming

Game of the Week

1:12:00 Telling Lies (2020)

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