Daydreamcast: Jet Set Radio (2000)

Daydreamcast Ep. 53 Murph couldn’t make it but Cal and Bro team up to talk about all things colorful! Bro talks about Chained Echoes and Jojo’s All Star Battle R, Cal talks about Persona 4 and Hi-Fi Rush. Then we talk about the game of the week: Jet Set Radio! Join us on our journey into counter culture and vandalism in the name of art.


Whatcha Playin’

1:00 The term “JRPG” and Chained Echoes (2022)

12:00 Persona 4 Golden (2008)

18:30 Jojo’s All Star Battle R (2022)

24:00 Hi-Fi Rush (2023)

Variety Minute

30:00 Cel shaded games

Game of the Week

37:00 Jet Set Radio (2000)

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