This Podcast is a Bad Idea: Talkin’ Scott Pilgrim

Not so long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada, Bryan Lee O’Malley was inspired by a Plumtree song…

In this episode Froo and Murph espouse nostalgia and introspection as they look back at the mid-2000s comic series Scott Pilgrim to see if it still holds up to their rose-dyed memories and 20 years of public scrutiny. This dissection carves through the premise, the characters, and the cult classic film adaptation from Edgar Wright.

Also in the grab-bag is new endeavors from Murph to watch sitcoms from the past, and for Froo to teach us about the youth discourse of the present.

Stay tuned for the Show & Tell segment where Murph reads the story of Nancy and Bigfoot, a tale of modern love and marijuana.

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1:22 – The Decompress: Murph’s watching old sitcoms; Froo is watching endless sitcoms

17:45- Show & Tell: Nancy and Bigfoot: An American Love Story

24:45 – Wildcard: Froo Explains TikTok: #MenuTok

32:35 – Topic of the Week: Scott Pilgrim

1:59:10 – Plugs and Farewells

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