The Twin Geeks Music Show: 1993 Music Draft

It was the best of times. No, it was really the best of times. 1993 was a remarkable era of music. Hip-hip was as lively and essential as it ever would be as both coasts erupted in unchecked creativity, with groups and associated artists magnifying everything rap could be from West Coast G-Funk grooves to improvisational New York risk-taking and Jazz notes. Meanwhile, up in the Pacific Northwest, the ionization of the would-be Grunge Idols was in full swing. Rock became suddenly more progressive, let everyone in, and somewhere in the depth of its emotions, was an invitation for everyone to get involved. It wasn’t just the coasts and a neighborhood. Music was seeping in globally with many fusion genres and European dance acts washing up on American shores. Genres became more eclectic, the players more diverse than ever and it felt like, for one brief shining moment, there was room for anything and everything music could hold. Our mission, then, is a tough one. Calvin and Kevin are here to draft the best work of the era. We’re choosing between some exciting categories — East Coast Rap Song, West Coast Rap Song, Rap Album, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Album, Best Pop Song, Best Pop Album, and Wildcard Album — the only guideline is that an artist cannot be repeated, as we take turns sorting through the categories. Join us in this fun and friendly battle over the best music of ’93.

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