Critical Consideration: The Supporting Show

This week on Critical Consideration we enter the final stretch of our programming, entering the final group of categories as we dive into the year’s best supporting performances. But first, Calvin and Vaughn have seen a few new films this week, and we share our experience visiting Seattle’s Egyptian Theater to see Babylon, discuss our brief thoughts, and how it may fit into many of our previously discussed categories. Then it’s a journey through performances and what stood out in a year of great performances, where to find the line between lead and supporting performances, and how difficult it can be to separate those through the awards system. This year has been full of excellent performances and there’s a lot to discuss, so tune in this week to find out what’s at the front of our thoughts for the supporting categories.

Disclaimer: thoughts and opinions on this show reflect only those of the hosts and are not representative of the Seattle Film Critics Society at large.

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