Ashes to Classics 2) Within Our Gates (1920)

Oscar Micheaux was a pioneering African American filmmaker whose earliest surviving feature, Within Our Gates, grapples directly with the external and internal conflicts uniquely positioned against the Black community during the Jim Crow era of American History. For Micheaux, these struggles were contemporary, but even today, the themes and truths of his films resonate, as the historical oppression which saw the limitation of his opportunities as a filmmaker also sought to erase his legacy as a whole, were it not for the enduring efforts of his entrepreneurial ambitions. Let Micheaux’s legacy be the benchmark for our endeavor here, the flagship film representing our cause to reframe the narrative of film history through the resurrection of nearly lost works, in the same way Micheaux has stood as the paragon of early American race films, and as an icon of pioneering Black filmmakers at large.

Many thanks to Graham Austin and Jack Davenport for the creation of our beautiful logo art and theme music respectively.

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