Critical Consideration: Alternate Lenses

With another week of awards season down and another stack of new films watched, Calvin and Vaughn are back to cover the latest in cinema buzz and discuss another group of awards categories. This week we’re diving into the vast world of international cinema to cover our picks for Best Film Not In The English Language, our favorite countries for cinema, and the many diverse viewpoints that the rest of the world can offer through the language of film. Then it’s this year’s lineup for Best Animated Feature, and after a busy year full of a beautiful resurgence in stop-motion animation amid another slate of Disney/Pixar releases and many more, there’s a lot to cover in the world of animation. Last but not least, it’s an in depth discussion of all we can find in the world of documentary’s with this year’s top picks for Best Documentary Feature, with plenty to cover including what constitutes documentary and what pushes certain docs above the rest. Join us and find out what’s standing out this year as we continue to cover 2022 in film.

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