Critical Consideration: The Year So Far & Designing A Film

Welcome to Critical Consideration, a new seasonal podcast brought to you by The Twin Geeks editors and Seattle Film Critics Society members Calvin and Vaughn. Every Monday throughout November and December we’ll be bringing you the latest on 2022 in film as this year’s awards contenders ramp up in their releases and fight for their spots among awards consideration across the country. Every category from Best Visual Effects to Best Picture will be discussed and covered, from analysis of what each category means to us and what we want to see in our picks to what’s standing out this year so far, as we count down to wrapping up and voting.

This week on the show it’s full scale coverage of how we’ve felt about 2022 in film so far, our favorites before we start diving deep into end of year releases, and what we’re most excited about seeing in these last two months. Then, as we move on to discussing this week’s category coverage, we talk Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, and Best Costume Design. What has the year had to offer so far and what might we be looking forward to and anticipating with upcoming releases that may fit into these categories? With 20 categories to cover and hundreds of eligible films vying for spots at the top, it’s going to be a busy season of dissecting a year in film and how it all stacks up. Join us, won’t you?

Disclaimer: thoughts and opinions on this show reflect only those of the hosts and are not representative of the Seattle Film Critics Society at large.

2022 So Far & Our Most Anticipated Films | 5:00
Best Visual Effects | 1:04:00
Best Production Design | 1:20:00
Best Costume Design | 1:34:45

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