Daydreamcast Ep. 45: Ico (2001)

And put your little hand in mine…

In this episode of the Daydreamcast: Murph, Bro, and special guest Theomeny tilt windmills and escape the evil shadow fortress by playing ICO! The critically acclaimed masterpiece, but is it all that it’s cracked up to be? (Probably.)

We also look at Déraciné, a VR effort by fromsoftware, Murph talks about his new steam deck and playing old games on it. Bro talks about The Outbound Ghost, and then Murph descends with two indie titles about office work and biking (two great tastes that taste great together).


0:00 Stadia Memorial (rest in peace)

7:00 Theomeny’s essay writing

16:15 Murph’s Steam deck

25:30 The Outbound Ghost (2022)

31:45 Déraciné (2018)

45:00 Going Under (2020)

50:45 Multiversus (2022)

55:00 The Descenders (2019)

Variety Minute:

1:00:00 Escort Missions

Game of the Week:

1:10:00 ICO (2001)

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